Celebrate a romantic date with your valentine at our private yacht in Goa.

Just two days to go for the Valentine’s Day! And the most awaited moment to celebrate a private candle light dinner together is here! You must be planning on how to turn these moments into the fondest memories.

How about Valentine’s Day celebration at the private yacht in Goa?

With the Valentine’s Day party events at the yacht in Goa, it is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate! Nothing else feels less than a Titanic moment where you can set sail at the open cruise deck stairs with the love of your life.  What a better way to pamper your loved one amidst the romantic musical numbers at the luxuriously draped private outdoor deck, right under the stars!

Why charter a love boat?

A private deck moment just for the two of you!

No place feels so romantic than a private luxury yacht – an ambiance so perfect that offers a romantic safe place for celebration & expression of your love and affection to your sweetheart. Now romance at your own style onto the water!

For those who want to make their Valentine’s Day celebration at Yacht in Goa, ditch the traditional style (stay-on-land part or fancy land-locked dining restaurant). Rather, venture into the world of romantic sea shore, high seas surrounded by magnificent accoutrements: all-inclusive fine wine & dine, mood lighting, luxurious stay – all offered by the luxury cruise, Champions Sea Breeze.

A fully climate controlled braced with comfort, romance & entertainment to woo your lover and just hitting the right notes at the right time!

Date your valentine with elegant candle-night gourmet dinner!  

This valentine, offer your loved one a memorable luxury cruise journey across the seas, so significant that will last for a lifetime! And to pamper your valentine here’s a romantic candle light dinner on a private sit-down dinner table accompanied by red roses, a LIVE DJ spinning music all-night, a tasty selection of delectable cuisines & steaks complemented by a wide selection of entrée chocolates, champagne & royal drinks. And not to forget, a cake with a personalized message on it is a sure way to bowl your valentine over J

And, dance your way with DJ’s LIVE musical beats…

And that’s not all! After you are done with dinner, here’s an eclectic musical note for you to rock on for slow dancing. Start your evening with a cocktail as you cuddle on-board with your special one at the yacht deck. Bash up with the soundtrack and dance the night away with your special one – indeed, a unique unforgettable experience!

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