5 Reasons to opt for Champions Yacht Club Memberships !!

Being a member at the Champions Yacht Club@ Goa offers you with exclusive privileges of being part of one of most preferred yacht clubs across Asia, set amidst the mystical blue Arabian Sea.

One of the major benefits of a yacht club membership is the privileges you experience without the expense of owning a boat. It’s a friendly, fun atmosphere where you get to meet with likeminded sailors, enjoy fishing, racing, cruising and a series of adventure sports. It’s a safe and serene paradise for children and adults too. For aspiring sailors we have expert trainers at the Champions Yacht that can teach you this fine art.

Why you should opt for Champions Yacht Club Membership

Member Events – enjoy exclusive members’ only events. The events include fun Friday night parties, theme parties, DJ nights, exciting competitions, adventure sports, regular cruising expeditions and private caravan rides.

Exclusive facilities – As a member at the club you get the opportunity to block the yacht to enjoy a private beach holiday at Goa. Members can also enjoy a reserved function space, these lounges let you enjoy a private meeting with business partners, fellow boaters or to just be by yourself and soak in the best that the nature has to offer.

Member rates – As a member of the yacht club you can avail discounted packages on water sports, DJ nights, food and beverages. This is also applicable for up to 5 guests that the members choose to invite throughout their stay at the club.

Beach Club benefits – as a member of the Champions Yacht Club you can avail exclusive packages at the Champions Beach Club too. Be it a cosy wedding party, corporate meeting, fine dining at the Southend restaurant or beach cricket, you can have it all at the Champions Beach Club.

By enrolling as a member of the Champions Yacht Club you can avail all of the privileges outlined and at a minimal price. Connect with us today on 080-451 51201 or +91-777 406 2621 or write to us on info@championsyachtclub.com / sales@championsyachtclub.com to know more about the membership details

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