Here’s why will you choose Vijayawada as your ultimate Vacation Spot.

Wonder why…

A mystery world of natural splendours, alluring unexplored locations picturesquely surrounded by medium sized hills, fascinating Buddhist pilgrimages which Andhra Pradesh is a home to. Andhra Pradesh tourism offers an interesting platter of visual treat and enchanting experiences. Connect with the wanderlust inside you in Amazing Andhra!

Around Vijayawada…

Being amongst the list of top offbeat destinations in India, Vijayawada, the third largest city of Andhra Pradesh restores its fame as the cultural capital of India. The city is nestled at the northern bank of River Krishna at a distance of about 300 Kms away from Hyderabad, the city of Nawabs. Also named as Bezwada or Vidyalawada or the burning city, the city is also named as the “land of victory”, the reason being that Goddess Durga restored in the place after slaying the fierce Demon. Hence “Vijaya” stands for “Victorious” while “wada” stands for “location”.

The city is full of surprises with ancient heritage buildings that speak of ancient Vedic civilization with architectural carvings on monuments that account for historical diversity & rule of several dynasties dating back to a hundred years ago. The virgin nature is blessed with dense forests misty hillocks, shimmering water body, magnificent green valleys, major rivers, water streams and islands that makes the region one of the attractive destinations ever.

Your reason to travel…

As human beings we are always guided by reason & historical yet mystical interest. And when it comes to the next weekend plan, no wonder the picturesque scenic spot that captivates the heart is plenty to cheer for with family and friends. Engulfed by waterbodies on the three sides and mountain on the fourth, the criss-cross Rivers outflowing over the landscape, the city offers a unique freshness to the travellers. Being located away from the hustle and bustle of city life the place offers a sublime peacefulness as well as a hub of entertainment for tourists. And if you are a real adventure junkie, you of course hit the right spot. Adding on, are delectable cuisines’ never to be missed and a must try-out.


Check out the major delightful attractions that make Vijayawada a “must-to” visit place for tourists.

  1. Enchanting Lake View – Prakasam Barrage

This dam is originally erected by the East India Company in 17th Century to benefit uninterrupted supply of water to the city dwellers. The dam houses releases water to three water canals that flow through the city linking River Krishna with other Guntur Districts.  As a result, the barrage creates an enchanting panoramic lake that definitely deserves a visit by ardent travel freaks & photograph enthusiasts.

The best time to visit this place is November-March.

  1. Historic Akana & Mandana Caves

Built during the 6th or 7th Century BC by Akana & Mundana, the ministers of Quli Qutb Shah, the Nawab of Golkonda, these caves are interesting stopovers on the way to KanakaDurga temple. These caves are located at a distance of 3kms from the Vijayawada Railway station. The cave is a rock-cut architecture without any sculpture or design work with triple-celled pillars that are erected facing the east.

  1. Bhavani Island – Spectacular Nature’s Paradise

Bhavani Island is a spectacular 133 acre river island located in Krishna district close to the city. It is a pristine blue water lagoon ideal for spending a memorable holiday time in peaceful solitude. The picturesque water spot is surrounded by beautiful scenic greenery which is perfect for family picnics. This enticing River Island is ideal for picnickers, romantic couples, idlers, sport lovers and anyone who wants to breathe in at deepest recesses & spend a relaxing weekend within the ambience of this lovely serene place. For adventure enthusiasts, there are numerous fun-filled boat rides of different styles, adventurous sports activities offered by Champions Yacht Club with full membership options.

  1. Weekend adventures – Exciting water sports!

Scenic boat rides & exciting Water sports at Champions Yacht club are something that always beckons the water sports enthusiasts. Bhavani Island is a popular Island for water sports and adventurous activities to try out. A plethora of interesting series of water sports such as ski boat, jet boat rides, pedal boats, banana boat, swan boat rides, bumper boats, solar boat, paragliding, fly boarding, water cycle and the list is never ending! Try on this non-stop fun!

  1. Tanvi River Cruise – A restaurant that actually floats!

For those who want to experience a close-to-home anniversary dinner, a special date dinner, a get-together or an exceptional celebration, Tanvi River Cruiser party is here to make each of your moment truly memorable. Whatever the reason you are celebrating for-a place as beautiful at the deck of the Yacht on the full moon starry night over the waters will simply make you go “wow”…just like a fairy dream!

  1. Lotus Food City – A Waterfront Restaurant

Popularly known to be an ultimate food destination for youth, this restaurant with magnificent river front of the Krishna waters has a great eatery that caters for all.  If you are a foody, you can try out a variety of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian culinary delights soaked within a splendid ambience. Enjoy great evening parties surrounded by placid water at all sides or simply walk through the lush green lawns of the garden that instantly transforms your demeanour the moment you step into this lush waterfront restaurant.

Have you started creating your own wander list (your bucket travel list) at Vijayawada?  Well, these impressive spots provide zero reason to stay at home and 100% inspirational enough to get you on your toes to explore this unforgettable experience!

Top holiday packages to try out for party, water sports and fun at CYC Vijayawada.


“Choose the best celebration holiday package for a great paradisaical experience”.

Bhavani Island in Vijayawada.  Might sound as small a river Island but in real sense this is a place of infinite adventure offerings! To experiment this not-so-known yet interesting place, step your foot onto the picturesque and mesmerizing unexplored Island River. Yes, this is just not about exploring, it’s about re-discovering yourself, unwinding your heart and soul into nature’s lap of peace and tranquility.

So what could be the best way to celebrate life other than enchanting laid back evenings, devouring sumptuous cuisines, sailing, non-stop partying and a plethora of thrilling water sports to try on. This island is indeed a paradise that offers the best combo of thrill+chill+grill. Try them all!

Eat, drink & merry

Waterfront restaurant

There’s something unique about dining beside the water. Isn’t it? And if you are looking for a candle light dinner with your special one this is it!

To tantalize your taste buds with some delectable cuisines, try this river front restaurant, a wayside amenity club featuring outdoor seating with multi-cuisine specialties and the most extraordinary water view front.

Here’s the menu  with a “close-up” view

If you have already guessed, here’s some nice drink & beverages to try out.  Everything seems to be just better with a sip of cocktails or special mock tail. Simple, easy and breezy.

Next in line are the most delightful & fiery hot dishes, spicing up your taste with regional as well as continental gourmet food to tickle your palate. No matter where you sit, serving in southern style of this ala-carte restaurant, there are a variety of tasty options to choose from. Being a mixture of pan Asian and Indian restaurant, it caters a delicious host of mixed cuisines, a good range of Asian dishes as well as local options from all over Asia.

Don’t miss out on the rain dance!

This is something worth trying!  Get into the dancing mood. Make your day memorable dancing with your besties on the cruise deck. Dance on to your toes with some sizzling karaoke dance beats and change your moves with each beat. Non-stop fun. Isn’t it?

Floating restaurant

Chill out, float & satisfy your palate

The ambiance and heavenly food on the floating native restaurant located in Bhavani island, Vijaywada falls short in the value-for-money. It is a fine-dining restaurant with barbeque fresh-off-the-grills, seafood and tasty appetizers to try out. Enjoy your meal in the open air under the open sky.

Food on the cruise

Cruising is so fun!

Experience an out-of-the-ordinary luxury lunch and dining experience in the open air above the floating waters. The royal cruise hosts a centralized AC restaurant at the lower deck and accommodates 150 seating arrangements. Short-cooked food for guests are readily available.

And for the buffet? Thanks to the intimate specialty eatery arrangement aboard that accommodates 200 seating banquet / restaurant setup on the 1st floor. And guess the most refined open private spot? A 15 seating premium space for VIP deck on the top, where you can take food to the top deck to enjoy a private moment.

LED Music sensor Dance floor

Ever went crazy with dancing on each beat on disco lighted dance floor? Rock your body, swirl, turn and sweep your feet with the LIVE DJ music as you hit the lighted dance-floor. Explore the basement, disco dance-floor and more!

Open air theater on garden restaurant

Under the open sky, experience the open theater viewing with seated dining or high tea settings at perfect garden surroundings. Here’s a 10×10 projection LED screen is a major attraction to enjoy LIVE shows, movies, events or theaters amidst the green spaces with a capacity for 55-70 seating altogether.

Pub & DJ music

Chill out sitting cosily at the pub with lounge music, rich cocktails and mock tails as you rock on with the Live DJ music remixes. Enjoy café evenings at the lounge sipping your favorite drink and dance on the beats together with your friends.

Exciting world of Water sports

Are you a wander lusting adventure junkie?

If you are, then there’s some good news for you!

Part of the beauty of the Bhavani Island is that connectivity to the island is minimal; hence this sunny paradise is mainly centered around water sports. Bhavani Island is a heaven for water-sports enthusiasts.  A plethora of exciting water sports you can indulge in that includes  Jetski, Parasailing, Fly board, Jet-pack, Banana Ride, Disco pango ride, Bumper ride, Speed boats, Leisure boats, Water cycle, Pedaling boats, Kayaking , ATV ride & Buggy ride, and Paint Ball.


Don’t have all day but want to have some excitement & thrill? Climb aboard the Jet Ski for some quick action packed fun and entertainment. Enjoy a thrilling ride through the waves as you feel the water spray all around! Adding on are the gorgeous views as you cross past the sparkling shorelines. Don’t miss it!

If you are an adventure junkie, parasailing is fun to soar high and explore the exciting heights under the sky in the air. Take off to get a spectacular aerial view of the boundless waters from a high altitude and experience the adrenaline rush as you glide through the air! Enjoying the breath-taking view is an ultimate and the most remarkable experience-a must to try it out!

Fly board:

Let water push you up as you stand on the deck above waters. Fly up till 15 meters above the water pumping your adrenaline high! It’s damn exciting to try on!


This is an adrenaline packed flight experience as you fly close to the water. It operates with twin steams of water pushed up to create force that keeps you high to elevate up to 30ft. in the air from waters; sometimes highs and sometimes lows and slow. And then, you literally start walking on waters!

Banana Ride

Feel the adrenaline rush as you jump in for the banana ride splashing and lashing the waves on water. As the boat gets towed inside the water, the rider of the towed boat attempts to turn it upside down.  So try not to fall off and experience the real fun; for individuals, family and friends!

Disco Pango ride

Experience the real thrill as this inflatable disco ride throws you high and spins you all over 360 degrees, splashing waters in between. The rotations with disco music and lightings make you go flying as you try to hold the rocker firmly.

Bumper ride

Dare to take challenge to crash into your friends/family’s bumper alone on waters? For single riders single bumper boats are fun to knock family and friends around as you get bumped by the competition. These boats are ideal to initiate collisions with other similar boats just for fun!

Speed boats

Choose the great thrill of speed, fun and adventure on board with speed boat. This passenger speedboat offers loads of fun to family/friends that spins at top speed, giving an adrenaline rush and a never ending appetite of fun filling. Alongside, explore the scenic spots; geological points of interest and colorful birds-a thrilling trip you will never forget.

Leisure boats

Spend an hour or more on board leisure cruise to Bhavani Island. Cruise around the island to enjoy the magnificent sunrise/sunset scenic view & tranquil surroundings. Enjoy dinner/lunch cruise time entertained by appetizers, drinks, LIVE music & a wide variety of gourmet Andhra-themed cuisines. Live the experience!

Water cycle

Fun-on-the go with eco-friendly water cycles! Water cycle hydro bikes are great for an hour or two drive around the lake and also perfect equipment to stay active on waters! Ride water cycles and bikes at twice the speed of a pedal boat and double up the fun on waters!

Pedaling boats

Slow down your time for the moment as you pedal your boat and enter into a tranquil moment of peace and serenity. Slowly pedal your boat splashing the waters gently to enjoy the moment amidst the scenic beauty of the river bank.  Pedal boats are best for family, friends and children.


Nothing in the world is worth comparable than an afternoon spent on touring by kayak. Join the up-and-go activity especially designed for lakes, rivers and seas where you can explore magnificent views & inaccessible coastlines or river banks. Ride your way as you cut through the waters and tracks by your side savoring your bend sightseeing. Head up to the high torrent lakes to find plenty of stops to dip your toes and paddle gently across the waters to explore other fun things along with the changing colors & moods of the lake.

Atv & Buggy ride

Want to explore a crazy fun time off-road adventure on the beaten or rugged tracks? If you have the adventure spirit, strap into a two-seat buggy & Atv ride, either alone or with your partner and overcome the obstacles you confront in the rugged landscapes. Excitement & thrill overloaded!

Paint Ball

If you are of non-outdoorsy types, paintball shoots works the best for you. Test your skills with a number of open shots with paint-balls. The excitement soars up as you go on shooting 17 to 40 shots in one round! Lock and load; shoot them playfully and get geared up with each shot.

Are you feeling a quick rush of blood inside your veins when you think of trying out these adventure activities? Yes, with these exciting water sports to try on, cruise expedition, coupled by delectable food delicacies amidst an alluring ambiance and a host of interesting fun activities to experience, it goes beyond the ordinary. It’s more than a deal!

Celebrate a romantic date with your valentine at our private yacht in Goa.

Just two days to go for the Valentine’s Day! And the most awaited moment to celebrate a private candle light dinner together is here! You must be planning on how to turn these moments into the fondest memories.

How about Valentine’s Day celebration at the private yacht in Goa?

With the Valentine’s Day party events at the yacht in Goa, it is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate! Nothing else feels less than a Titanic moment where you can set sail at the open cruise deck stairs with the love of your life.  What a better way to pamper your loved one amidst the romantic musical numbers at the luxuriously draped private outdoor deck, right under the stars!

Why charter a love boat?

A private deck moment just for the two of you!

No place feels so romantic than a private luxury yacht – an ambiance so perfect that offers a romantic safe place for celebration & expression of your love and affection to your sweetheart. Now romance at your own style onto the water!

For those who want to make their Valentine’s Day celebration at Yacht in Goa, ditch the traditional style (stay-on-land part or fancy land-locked dining restaurant). Rather, venture into the world of romantic sea shore, high seas surrounded by magnificent accoutrements: all-inclusive fine wine & dine, mood lighting, luxurious stay – all offered by the luxury cruise, Champions Sea Breeze.

A fully climate controlled braced with comfort, romance & entertainment to woo your lover and just hitting the right notes at the right time!

Date your valentine with elegant candle-night gourmet dinner!  

This valentine, offer your loved one a memorable luxury cruise journey across the seas, so significant that will last for a lifetime! And to pamper your valentine here’s a romantic candle light dinner on a private sit-down dinner table accompanied by red roses, a LIVE DJ spinning music all-night, a tasty selection of delectable cuisines & steaks complemented by a wide selection of entrée chocolates, champagne & royal drinks. And not to forget, a cake with a personalized message on it is a sure way to bowl your valentine over J

And, dance your way with DJ’s LIVE musical beats…

And that’s not all! After you are done with dinner, here’s an eclectic musical note for you to rock on for slow dancing. Start your evening with a cocktail as you cuddle on-board with your special one at the yacht deck. Bash up with the soundtrack and dance the night away with your special one – indeed, a unique unforgettable experience!


If you have missed the biggest Asian festival, Sunburn hopping mad entertainment with the dance music junkies, no regrets! Pack your bags right away as another fantastic timing of celebration is just headway. Seriously, this time it’s on yacht, a special New Year eve celebration featuring best live music remix, fireworks, wine and dine, luxury stay against a beautiful beachy backdrop.

Is there a better way to celebrate?

Home is where the heart is but not during special holiday times when the countdown has already started for gala celebrations! The New Year eve comes just once a year and it is the end of the year that you get a reason to party all night, drink and celebrate! So, why not sample something new in a tropical paradise?

 “This time there’s a difference because its yachting, not ‘cruising’ for a super-stylish celebration!”

To match your mood for any event hosted at our private yacht, whether it is a romantic dinner cruise, music and dance party for birthday celebrations, overnight couple stay, an anniversary celebration or wedding ceremony, Sea Breeze caters to all romantic & modern occasions and offers the opportunity to discover the charm of every special event aboard restaurant cruise and boat party.

I bet you will never want to miss the Disco yacht followed by New Year Cruise party in Goa that completes holidays with sizzling pool party and Goan fish barbecue!

The fun has just begun; there has never been a better time than taking your celebrations to private luxury Yacht! Imagine how fantastic an experience it is being dazzled by fireworks entertainment show, an open floating bar with DJ LIVE music & customized culinary delicacies right at the mid-night on the yacht deck! Simply wow!

Disco lights, music, delicious meals, and rare fine wine tastings & dine! – Experience the magical nights of excitement as you toast to the New Year with a glass of champagne accompanied by your favourite one. Yes! It happens only at our exclusive Sea Breeze Yacht party celebration in Goa that comes with the promise to make your New Year Eve on board an exceptional one. The cruise party begins right from Christmas Eve on board; so relax, chill out, mingle and dance on the DJ beats! Whether you are a couple looking for a private place, or with family or friends – luxury celebrations of this mega private yacht hosts the best party, culinary & entertainment experience for celebrations!

So, start this New Year vacation as you cruise across the mesmerising scenic surroundings. A 5 star service waits to offer soothing luxury complemented by an ideal accommodation, transport, excellent cuisine & wine pairings – too good an entertainment & fun offer to pass it up! Isn’t it?

Champions Yacht Club runs magical cruising program during this festive season notable for high quality service for a variety of special events. This festive season, decide on the party you like to experience and the music and we will customize them as per your taste and preferences. Adding to the musical party and magic, beautiful light rays along with an array of fireworks synced with the music will leave you stunned. Not only that, our festive dining comes with customized top dining experiences and pitchers of exclusive alcohol beverages with some luxurious ambience to celebrate and rejoice! Hosting the biggest sunset boat parties and sizzling cruise parties to celebrate the spectacular night of the year, you will be experiencing a fantastic cruise journey and a perfect boat party.

Top 5 Reasons Why Goa is the Best New Year Destination!!

The countdown has already begun! 2016 is knocking at the door with each second of the clock ticking towards the New Year eve – it’s time for choosing the coolest destination for the best New Year celebrations.

Night parties, boat parties, all-night clubbing, sparking night-life scene with disco-hits & DJ play throughout accompanied by chill-frost stream of beer, single-shot mixers – wow! There’s so many to choose from. A mere thought of celebration brightens up the entire mood!  Certainly, you wouldn’t want to miss out all the fun sitting at home right? With ample fun, festivities, music, dance on-the-floor, gala feast, mid-night buffet, floating bars along with sophisticated all-inclusive drinks, fine wine complemented by a variety of live music styles- you have all fabulous ways to bid adieu to 2015 and embrace the New Year!

In this New Year eve, why not travel to these mind-blowing hottest destinations and treasure fun-filled moments of New Year bliss? Each spot is blessed by its unique attribute to make the best of your New Year show that will simply multiply your sizzling expectations. If you are not checking-out these hottest party destinations, you are definitely missing something!

Sunburn festival in Goa, 2015 

A delightful synergy of music and break-free songs, this Asia’s largest 3 day electronic music festival in Goa has been ranked as the 9th best festival in the world. And this time, guess who is back to perform- the electronic dance music icon, David Guetta! The superstar has returned to steal all the glamour of the show with his massive musical legacy.

So pep up! Enjoy the event coupled with food, entertainment, shopping, and music performed by multiple artists, DJs and symphony, fresh re-mix that are bound to keep you rocking!

This electronic music show attracts over 85,000 people over 3 days with packed streets and sounds booming from the main music dais. This electronic dance-music game is an out of the world experience. Get early bird passes and make sure you don’t miss out the gala musical show! Dates for the event at Vagator are 27th to 30th Dec, 2015. Rock on!

Private cruise party on the High Seas, 2015

If you are a dating couple and are looking for a unique location with some of the best entertainment, drinks and scrumptious multi-cuisine in this New Year eve, count upon the private cruise party by Sea Breeze Harbour Dinner Cruise of Goa. This brings you Djs, music and some of the best views that offer priceless display of the fireworks with all glitz and glamour.

Enjoy a magical fine dine under the starry night with your beloved that will make everything fall in place…just like a fairy dream above the floating waters. The service offers luxury meal cuisine complemented by your favourite cocktails right from the in-house Champions splendour kitchen. Family, friends and corporate gatherings are a warm welcome on-board. Perfect arrangements are made for luxury floating eatery & lounge surrounded by placating waters to make your New Year Eve special in every way! (Can we give the link to champions site here)

Sea-front Beach party & sports, Goa

To bring your wild-side inside out, here’s an exciting Southend pool party, sea-front sandy beach party and rave party with absolute delight. A panoramic view of the seaside serenity will offer you a treat to the eyes. Welcome the New Year with Champagne and all-inclusive favourite welcome drinks served with signature dishes such as roasted platter, BBQ, grill, complemented by peppy music and dance.

Live music by Djs accompanied by kayaks, water cycles and rain dance and swirls of confetti storm at the midnight hour is sure to blow your heart out. And that’s not all, enjoy the ravishing countless firework display as the sparks rain down across the starry sky. There is no shortage of excitement as entertaining beach sports such as beach-side cricket and volleyball in DIY style replenish the old teenage fun back keeping you recharged over and over again!

Off-shore and on-shore Casinos, Goa

If you are a casino lover, this is the exclusive time to try your luck over casino games apart from dance-music and partying and journey. Casino offers beach-side shore live gaming destination located in Neo Majestic, Goa. Popularly known as mini Las Vegas of India, this destination is bestowed with a variety of multi- gaming options that will take you to an entirely new world of gaming and excitement. Swarm on the casino floor, play casino as you sip glamorous cocktails and swap liquor with friends. As it’s a game of luck, you never know, you might play and return victoriously with pockets full in this New Year eve!

Club party at Shiva Valley, Goa  

Are you willing to spend a night on the beach gazing at the sunset sipping drinks in between that takes you high? The party at Shiva Valley is a popular spot for trans-music public.  Amidst hippies, sadhus, Buddhist monks, Rabbis, Sufis, you will feel the Goa trance that beats your feet with the sound of crashing sea waves. The party at South Anjuna beach, Goa after the sunset opens up with a unique dance floor surrounded by Hindu murals complemented by music beats to rocks the people on the floor.

Neon lights glow in the dark that make each pair of eyes shine and teeth glow as the smiles get wider. It is neither a full moon party, nor some twilight festive, but exciting Goa trances lured by DJ play music with never-ending basslines and musical fusions!

The sunny and sandy warm beaches of Goa are perfect holiday destinations to enjoy sports, adventures, partying and merry making especially in the holiday seasons starting from the month of November. Thousands of people flock into the beaches to celebrate and taste the scintillating sea food, participate in the dance-music party or simply warming themselves up in the beaches to get relief from the biting cold. Goa has a lot more to offer apart from the listed destinations mentioned above. With myriad party venues that hosts pre-new year bash in Goa, this place is on the bucket-list for every party & travel enthusiast.

5 Reasons to opt for Champions Yacht Club Memberships !!

Being a member at the Champions Yacht Club@ Goa offers you with exclusive privileges of being part of one of most preferred yacht clubs across Asia, set amidst the mystical blue Arabian Sea.

One of the major benefits of a yacht club membership is the privileges you experience without the expense of owning a boat. It’s a friendly, fun atmosphere where you get to meet with likeminded sailors, enjoy fishing, racing, cruising and a series of adventure sports. It’s a safe and serene paradise for children and adults too. For aspiring sailors we have expert trainers at the Champions Yacht that can teach you this fine art.

Why you should opt for Champions Yacht Club Membership

Member Events – enjoy exclusive members’ only events. The events include fun Friday night parties, theme parties, DJ nights, exciting competitions, adventure sports, regular cruising expeditions and private caravan rides.

Exclusive facilities – As a member at the club you get the opportunity to block the yacht to enjoy a private beach holiday at Goa. Members can also enjoy a reserved function space, these lounges let you enjoy a private meeting with business partners, fellow boaters or to just be by yourself and soak in the best that the nature has to offer.

Member rates – As a member of the yacht club you can avail discounted packages on water sports, DJ nights, food and beverages. This is also applicable for up to 5 guests that the members choose to invite throughout their stay at the club.

Beach Club benefits – as a member of the Champions Yacht Club you can avail exclusive packages at the Champions Beach Club too. Be it a cosy wedding party, corporate meeting, fine dining at the Southend restaurant or beach cricket, you can have it all at the Champions Beach Club.

By enrolling as a member of the Champions Yacht Club you can avail all of the privileges outlined and at a minimal price. Connect with us today on 080-451 51201 or +91-777 406 2621 or write to us on / to know more about the membership details

Birthday Fun on a Yacht !!

Birthdays are a way to celebrate a significant milestone in one’s life; they are special to everyone across ages. The preferences of celebrations are largely influenced by the stage in life; children ideally enjoy distributing toys and sweets, and inviting friends for a fun play session. Young adults enjoy private parties, movies and dinning, while older adults enjoy their privacy and usually plan to travel, indulge in charity services etc. People world over rejoice this day with their family and loved ones.

While all of us might have our own preferences and plans for our special day, have you ever heard of any individual who will say no to a Yacht Birthday Party at Goa? Rest assured, none of us ever have and never will.

Yes, our yachts can be your next birthday venue. What better way to celebrate and honour your loved ones with a grand yacht birthday bash. At the Champions Yacht Club we make your Birthday a joyful, bubbly and a memorable event. You can leave it all to us while you kick start your party.

Kids, Teenagers or Adults we can cater to any audience and ensure their smiles do all the talking. The décor, music and fun games are specially customised to suit your liking and those of your audience.
The exuberant Joy of Birthday magic is in the air with us on board as your partner. Whatever be the number of your guests and the budget in your pocket we can make your dream celebration come to life. Our specialist team is known to wow their audience with a magical touch of sweet surprises to get them infected with the party spirit and get them all rocking and rolling.

We create magical experiences on board as you enjoy the charms of the sea. The finest yachts across Asia are anchored at the Champions Yacht Club. Wining, dinning and partying under the star-lit sky; we can recreate a mystical birthday party at the sea. Crystal clear waters, golden brown sand, balmy sea breeze, blue horizons coupled with the joys of sunshine, you have all the reasons to celebrate your birthday at the sea.

If you too wish to surprise you’re loved ones with a super special birthday, please feel free to explore our luxury yacht suite at Goa that suits your needs.

Come Cruise Away this Birthday with Champions Yacht Club!!

Why you too should rent a yacht or Boat!!

You may have a series of options sorted for your next holiday – a list of package tours, hotels, resort by the beach to get a great tan, relish a romantic star lit dinner or go club hoping with friends and family. So why hire a yacht?

Many of us dream of owning a yacht or a boat but may be restricted due to various reasons – no garage/storage space, family concerns, money, location. All these are undoubtedly genuine concerns but not enough to rob you off a once in a life time yachting experience without bearing the hassles of owning one.

The recent times have seen an upsurge in boating options, from the share type arrangements, luxury boats, premium yachts, old style boats to catamarans. There is a boating option available for everyone according to their taste, finances and skills.

A yacht holiday can never match up to any other holiday experience you have ever had before, it’s a floating dream that gives you all the privacy and personal time to make closer bonds with all your loved ones.

It’s a vacation like no other, the sense of freedom, accomplishment, power and control can almost get you into an addictive trance. This is why people who charter a yacht do it repeatedly and will not easily settle for a hotel when they have the entire sea as their holiday home.

You should try renting a yacht for the series of benefits it offers:

 Ideal for families, corporate, bachelor/bachelorette parties and romantic getaways.

 Gives you the privacy to plan your destination as per your desire.

 Enjoy different locations every hour without having to get rushed or repack.

 Avoid those huge tourist crowds that can rob you off your private space

 Simple to learn, you do not need any prior experience or skill sets to go yachting. It’s for anyone and everyone with the desire and passion.

 You can choose to hire private staff and chefs who can serve you exotic food in the midst of the sea.

 Breath-taking sunsets, marine life and sailing beneath the starry night make it a surreal experience.

 Moreover you can enjoy popular water sports like Jet Ski, Parasailing Snorkelling, Kayaking, Kite-Surfing, Wind-Surfing, Rafting, Diving and more…..

At the Champions Yacht Club we provide you all of this for a luxury yachting experience that is the ultimate way to live a divine holiday. All of our customers tell us “It was the best holiday ever”

Get connected with us if you too wish to go yachting this holiday season!

Team Building activities in Goa.

Over the last few decades, organisations have grown past the singular focus on driving competitive work environments to a more holistic work enrichment process, where team members grow and develop in a positive atmosphere and thus the emphasis on team building activities.

One of the key factors that constitute successful organisations is dedicated and hardworking teams that collectively strive towards achieving organisational goals. The success of most organisations today depends on the ability of individuals that work as cohesive teams. And on the contrary, lack of team collaboration is attributed as one of the key factors that hinder performance and productivity.

The advantages are so many that almost all organisations, small, mid-sized and large; incorporate team building activities as one of their core strategies for organisational growth and productivity.

Whether 10 minute games or week long retreats, these team building activities have profound benefits that can help employees build motivation, enthusiasm, collaboration, confidence and trust in each other’s abilities.

Outdoor team building exercises provide experiential learning that enhances the teams and individual’s ability to improve behavior, attitude, thinking, teamwork and leadership.

The natural environment helps to eliminate personal and professional barriers and enables the team to work towards achieving common goals.

The Champions Yacht Club is pleased to offer a host of such fun and adventurous Team building activities in Goa. The focus is on developing a positive workforce and to create “best in class” teams that are integrated together to collectively achieve organisational goals. Our yacht club offers customized solutions for companies that suit diverse business requirements to achieve strategic business goals.

Numerous Benefits through Team Building Activities @ Champions Yacht Club

1. Understanding strengths and weaknesses of individual’s and teams
2. Developing ways to increase communication and collaboration
3. Working in alignment with work procedures and policies
4. Integrating new employees into teams
5. Enhancing productivity and work efficiency
6. Increasing work motivation and morale
7. Developing leadership and generating enthusiasm
8. Improving decision making and conflict resolution
9. Fostering problem solving cohesively to generate results with lesser turnaround time
10. Encouraging creativity and out of the box thinking
11. Resolving interpersonal conflicts and developing positive work relationships

All in all ensuring that the workplace is more enjoyable and a contented workforce is devoted towards the business goals of the organisation.

A perfect yacht holiday in Goa !!

Most of us simply love being around water, it is the one of the most exhilarating holiday experiences one can have. It is a fun way to relax, unwind and party, be it with friends, family or even on a corporate event. What more a reason than to dive into the magical waters of Goa, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

At Champions’ Yacht Club we let you soak in the charisma of the majestic sea through a wide range of yacht services.

What’s unique about the Champions Yacht Club is that it is a one stop destination for a perfect holiday experience. From Luxury yacht cruises, boats, yacht parties, club memberships, franchise options to marine products and supplies, you name it and we got it.

We offer a variety of luxury yacht and boat services to enable you live a host of magical experiences like never before. The Champions club is the proud owner of the finest luxury yachts available across Asia.

You can opt to rent yachts from a wide range of options that suit your budget and purpose. Whether you are in need of a private family holiday, a classy corporate event, a fun yacht or boat party in Goa, we have yachts that can set the mood of your event.

All of the packages are inclusive of professional trained staff to guide you on board and ensure a safe and fun experience. Alongside the exotic platter of exquisite food and drinks, we also offer a range of fun and adventurous activities that will pump up your adrenaline.

Activities include water sports like sailing, kayaking, para-sailing, jet skis, water zorbing, boat rides, speed boats, and a lot more events that can be packaged as part of your fun ride.

What’s more, we offer a wide gamut of services throughout the entire life cycle of a marina starting from the design, conceptual planning to maintenance, modernization and finally rebuild of marinas. Proven know how from years of experience along with our partners in the field makes us a reliable service partner.

This perfect holiday destination is also popularly chosen by the corporate community for activities that bring out behaviour that aids better team collaboration, communication & interpersonal effectiveness, developing better customer relationships and leadership success.

Whether a corporate, a family event or a fun yacht party at Goa if you too are keen on experiencing a memorable yacht holiday, get in touch with us today and plan your perfect yacht holiday.